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Bring the power of planning to your philanthropic clients.

Philanthropic clients deserve cutting-edge tools to help them in their important work. PhilanthPro enables you to bring the power of planning to their philanthropy.

Engage your philanthropic clients with our professional tools.

PhilanthPro makes it easy to engage with your philanthropic clients, providing them valuable insights and confidence.

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Philanthropic Financial Planning

First, you'll engage with your clients to establish goals such as building up a charitable portfolio, keeping it in perpetuity, or spending it down over time. Next, an easy-to-use interface will guide you through creating a philanthropic financial plan. You'll then have access to interactive scenario reports to communicate recommendations. Comparing multiple scenarios allows clients to visualize outcomes and make informed decisions. PhilanthPro will then forecast recommended distribution amounts to accomplish your clients' goals, while remaining compliant with distribution requirements.

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Grant Planning

Clients start with an interactive visual of their optimal grant amounts to distribute and their minimum requirements. Next, they enter their existing and planned grants. With a clear focus on the future, clients can work towards their goals by entering new grants or modifying existing ones. If grants exceed the requirements or recommendations, the effect on the future is displayed in real-time so clients can be confident making bold commitments.

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Client Tools

PhilanthPro also includes a suite of tools that make day-to-day management and administration easier for clients. Learn more.

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"The financial industry is designed to help people accumulate wealth, not give it away, and that's a problem for philanthropic clients and their advisors. PhilanthPro brings the professional planning we're capable of to the world of philanthropy."

Nicholas Palahnuk, CFP

Founder and CEO

Let us bring the power of planning to your philanthropic clients.