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Nonprofit founder and news leader Dr. Xanthe Scharff joins the Board of Advisors for PhilanthPro Solutions

Dr. Xanthe Scharff has been appointed to the advisory board of PhilanthPro Solutions. The Los Angeles and Toronto-based company recently announced the launch of PhilanthPro, a suite of cloud-based tools for clients and their financial advisors to plan and manage charitable accounts professionally. The software supports analysis and insights, scenario planning, and forecasting to meet requirements and optimize distributions. 

An award-winning nonprofit founder, Scharff will draw on her expertise in philanthropy and social impact to advance PhilanthPro's thought leadership about women and the next generation of individuals entering philanthropy. 

"I've worked with committed philanthropists, nonprofits and aid organizations for 25 years," says Scharff. "For funders of frontline work, the goal is to maximize positive impact. Individuals and financial advisors finally have the tools and the partners at PhilanthPro to make this goal a reality. I'm thrilled to join Nicholas Palahnuk, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and financial management virtuoso, to bring PhilanthPro to people who care deeply about social causes and impact."

Nicholas Palahnuk, a leading wealth advisor in Canada, developed PhilanthPro after launching his charitable work focused on mental health. He designed PhilanthPro in response to research with individuals who take their giving seriously and need tools, support and partnership to maximize their giving.

"PhilanthPro is more than a software company. We are a learning community," says Palahnuk. "We study trends in philanthropy closely, including the historic wealth transfer underway to women and younger generations and their differing needs. Together with Dr. Scharff, we will share our research and knowledge with our community of advisors, partners and charitable individuals to grow our impact together."

The share of wealth held by women and younger generations is growing at an unprecedented rate. This demographic shift is transforming philanthropy. Younger generations expect more transparency and democracy in charitable decision-making and may be more likely to engage in philanthropic activities because they are actively crafting a life of purpose.

PhilanthPro supports philanthropy by offering philanthropic planning tools to women, next generation wealth holders, and all individuals involved in bold and sustainable charitable giving.

About PhilanthPro:

PhilanthPro Solutions Inc. is a software company that empowers people to plan and manage charitable accounts confidently. PhilanthPro's suite of tools brings the power of planning to philanthropy. Based in Toronto and Los Angeles, PhilanthPro serves clients around the world.

About Dr. Xanthe Scharff:

Scharff is a frequent speaker about women's rights and foreign policy. She co-founded The Fuller Project, the global nonprofit newsroom dedicated to groundbreaking journalism about women. The newsroom has since spurred policy change, unprecedented new levels of funding, and actions that saved lives. Scharff is a frequent contributor to Foreign Policy on women and foreign affairs. 

She is the Founder and Board Chair Emeritus of Advancing Girls' Education in Africa, an education nonprofit that reaches millions of girls in Malawi. She was recently named Woman of the Year by her alma mater, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, and is a Distinguished Alumna of Tufts. She has been a scholar at The Brookings Institute and the United Institute of Peace, received the Genius Grant from Helen Gurley Brown Trust and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. 

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