Our Story

Philanthropy needs the power of planning.

Existing financial planning tools were designed to help people accumulate wealth, not give it away. PhilanthPro was launched in direct response to the need to bring the power of planning to philanthropy.

Groundbreaking software.

For people who view wealth as more than something to be accumulated, financial planning tools did not exist. Cutting-edge software had been reserved for wealth accumulation, not philanthropy.

Nicholas Palahnuk launched PhilanthPro in direct response to this need. Palahnuk is a seasoned financial planner and one of Canada's leading wealth managers. Believing deeply in philanthropy, and understanding its importance to clients, Palahnuk brought a team together to develop groundbreaking software that brings the power of planning to philanthropy.

PhilanthPro was carefully designed with insights from leading advisors and philanthropists. A first of its kind, PhilanthPro answers an important need for cutting-edge tools to foster philanthropy for a brighter future.

Our Mission

Empower people to confidently plan and manage charitable accounts.

Our Vision

Foster philanthropy for a brighter future.

Our Values

We believe in empathy in action.
We see the power in planning.
We are client obsessed.
We are authentic.
Philanthropy is at our core, we live it.

We hope PhilanthPro’s suite of tools will help bring the power of planning to your philanthropy.

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